Third Circle Theory

Third Circle Theory is a book about self-awareness, and the understanding of how impactful our observations are in our day-to-day lives.

Whether your goal is to learn practical entrepreneurship skills, leadership attributes, or to understand how and why you make certain decisions; Third Circle Theory and its teachings can help you reach the next level of success on your journey.

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Groupon Predator Method

We’re here today with a powerful way to land pre-qualified, virtually pre-sold local clients without cold calling or expensive mailings or hassles.
A simple and very straight forward method that shows you the exact steps to land high paying clients from Groupon and provide the service.
Seven done-for-you Facebook Ad image templates and D-F-Y ad texts to create your Facebook Ads.
Two templates: first flow and reminder flow.
Two DFY first contact email templates and four DFY follow-up email templates.
Campaign tracking tool and clients list template.
and much more

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