The Spiritual Laws of Money

In this 8 week journey with Harv Eker, you will learn to overcome the 8 millionaire blocks that are threatening most spiritual people from becoming truly wealthy.
Not only will you quickly develop the correct mindset for blending money with spirituality, but also I’ll give you the proven strategies you need to succeed more quickly.
So no matter where your financial life is right now… in the toilet or halfway to the stars…prepare yourself for new levels of increasing wealth, happiness and security.
Best of all, you’ll quickly discover that — at last — you have full control of your financial destiny and spiritual growth. I’ll tell you, there is no better feeling in the world.

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Email Fire 2

New 5 week premium email engagement series thaws out cold lists and gets people ready to buy.

Over 12,000 words and 5 weeks worth of emails.
Full of interesting and thought provoking stories to build rapport.
Packed with actionable content to build authority.
Laced with engagement loops so that you can test how interested your list is in what you have to say.
Lined with Click Through loops so that you can measure how ready your list is to buy from you.
A system like this will allow you to measure engagement, rapport with list, and adjust based on performance.

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