The Upgraded Entrepreneur

The market is flooded with incredible books, leaders, business and entrepreneurial programs attempting to solve this problem.
The Upgraded Entrepreneur is a way to bring all of that knowledge together back to you because you are the most important variable in your business.
My personal systems and practices for managing a business from client/customer acquisition, value creation, strategies for continuous growth and more.

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Stopwatch Copywriting

In 9 steps I can “program” a copywriting process into your mind that will practically guarantee your success when it comes to writing persuasive copy.
This copywriting system has allowed me to quickly enter into hot niches and exploit them before my competitors get a chance to.
It’s also allowed me to launch entire businesses within the span of two days, and most importantly has taken all the frustration out of writing the ad copy.
It’s made my whole business run a lot smoother. Now’s the first time I’m revealing this simple, yet effective system.

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Hacking Google

How to combine Amazon’s keyword suggest tool with Google’s suite of information tools to increase your book sales.

You’ll discover:

How to combine the Amazon suggestion tool with Google’s own tools for more book sales.
How to spot trends before they are popular.
Why Google might just change everything you do with your books.
How to turn a flopped book promotion into pure gold.
Gain new book ideas instantly.
and much more

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Agora – 7-Figure Copy Camp

You’re just moments away from claiming access to the 7-Figure Copy Camp.
And discover a new way of writing copy that has sold over $120 million in the last two years alone.
It’s 30 modules that will revolutionize the way you write copy.

The 2-step formula to generate million-dollar ideas.
How to turn any bland, boring and ordinary thing into an exciting new mechanism that will basically force your prospect to open their wallet and give you their credit card.
How a productivity hack used in every single major Navy Seal mission can help you write copy faster than you ever thought possible.
How to instantly put your prospects in an emotional state of mind with the little-known ABT secret.
How to boost the conversion of your copy without changing a single word.

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WordPress Software Courses Concised Books

05 Feb Added
WP AffiliateWP 2.4.4

[WP] – Convert Pro 1.4.2

[WP] – MemberPress 1.8.4

[WP] – Restrict Content Pro 3.3.6

[WP] – SEOPress PRO 3.8

[WP] – Schema Pro 1.5.1

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