Dan Kennedy – Personality in Copy

Discover my #1 copywriting secret most marketers will never know that has allowed me to keep customers for decades.

1. The way you should really think of your information business—this will put you head of 99% of your competitors…and the #1 reason I’m still “alive and kicking” after all these years.
2. The 4 different types of stories you should use about yourself to get prospects and customers to bond with you and trust you—and as you know, the more they’ll like you, the more often they’ll buy.
3. 12 examples of “personality in copy from every industry…from mortgage brokers, real estate…even radio (You should be able to fit in at least one of these.)
4. The 2 things you need to do in order to communicate with your audience (hint: it’s not just “teach” free stuff…forget about that.)
5. What you can learn from Oprah when it comes to having herd of fans that follow everything you say over and over again–follow this example, and you’re all set
And.. much more

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