Display Network Boot Camp

In 4 weeks, zen master Mike Rhodes will land you in top 1% of all advertisers on Google’s display network.
Discover how to get 1000, 5000 or even 50000 clicks per day – for less money than the other 99% pay.

You will learn:

The fabled space on Google Display Network where your ads get millions of impressions every day and your site gets a tsunami of visitors.
Why the normal way of designing ads will cost you 5x more than you need to spend.
The little corner of AdWords that makes it seem like 2005 all over again (Read: Clicks for $0.03 & more traffic than you can shake a stick at).
A crucial metric that doesn’t exist anywhere in Google AdWords – but your only way to truly judge whether one Display ad is better than another.
How to align your image ad with your landing page to boost conversions…this will make or break you.
And much, much more

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