Dan Kennedy – Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs

Unique, new insights into the creative/entrepreneurial thinking process as practiced by Dan Kennedy, and that could be worth a fortune.
Here’s what you can expect to hear on these Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs CDs:

1. A very entertaining Dan Kennedy dishing out “no holds barred” creative thinking information and ideas that all of us can use to let loose our creative inner self.
2. Practical and specific ways to use these creative ideas in your business to achieve a new level of satisfaction, happiness, vision, progress and profit.
3. Dan explains the nine different kinds of creative thinking and how to use them to achieve big breakthroughs.
4. You will learn how to “feed the creative machine” and do it at lightning speed!
5. 17 different ways of avoiding the familiar “Blank Page Syndrome” – so you can be guaranteed to always be “in the mood” to create.

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